Massive grass fire Wednesday afternoon in McPherson County

By McPherson County 911
March 12, 2015
McPherson County 911

A massive grass fire in the northwest corner of McPherson County kept firefighters busy Wednesday afternoon. The fire was called in as out of control at Second and Sioux in McPherson County at 1:54pm. The initial responding agency was Marquette Fire. They quickly realized they would need more resources. Other agencies that assisted in the fire: Lindsborg Fire, Windom Fire, Conway Fire, Inman Fire, Galva Fire, Geneseo Fire, Little River Fire, Ellsworth Fire, Kanapolis Fire, and Bushton Fire. Also on scene were Emergency Management, Marquette EMS , and Red Cross. At the end of the day, approximately 600-800 acres were burned and the fire went in to Ellsworth County. We are extremely happy to report that all personnel returned home safely after all was said and done. The scene was officially terminated at 10:36pm.

McPherson County 911 posted the following on its Facebook page Thursday morning, "We want to give a HUUUUUGE thank you to all of the responding agencies. Volunteer Fire Departments are a very unique thing in that they put themselves in danger for nothing more than the greater good. Also thanks to Rice County Emergency Communications and Ellsworth County Emergency Management for letting us borrow some help when it was needed. Red Cross for coming out and setting up a canteen for our responders. There were farmers that responded on scene to help tow out stuck emergency vehicles, and Kansas Wildlife and Parks helped keep an eye on the situation. Honestly, it is so amazing to sit back and think about all the people who were willing to help out just because the help is needed. What a great County we live in!!!"