MAC Wrestling Club has big weekend

By Steve Sell
March 16, 2015

LINDSBORG — The MAC Wrestling Club had quite a haul during the District III Sub-District Tournament Saturday at Smoky Valley High School.

This weekend the team competes in the District III Championships at Emporia.

1st — Collin Pearson, 10-and-under, 76; Landon Crews, 12-and-under, 76; Landon Frantz, 12-and-under, 115; Alex Perkins, 12-and-under, 150; Brynton Crews, 14-and-under, 120; Ben Hopkins, 14-and-under, 125.

2nd — Isaac Ramsey, 8-and-under, 70; Elijah Clarke, 8-and-under, 95; Tucker Pelnar, 10-and-under, 61; Devin Frantz, 12-and-under, 110; Jonah Scott, 12-and-under, 150; Scott Radke, 14-and-under, 125; Ian Alumbaugh, 14-and-under, 145; Bailey Yarborough, 14-and-under, 150.

3rd — Jase Fitzmorris, 8-and-under, 67; Treyton Pelnar, 10-and-under, 55; Lorenzo Cruzen, 10-and-under, 67; Landon Thompson, 10-and-under, 95; Kourtney Craig, 12-and-under 140.

4th — Neill Raymond, 12-and-under, 84; Colten Eldredge, 12-and-under, 165; Lane Thompson, 12-and-under, 190; EJ Kretzer, 14-and-under, 110.

5th — Logan Peterson, 8-and-under, 61; Ryder Norstrom, 10-and-under, 85; Tyson Gottwald, 12-and-under, 100; Jonah Clark, 12-and-under, 130; Aaron Handlin, 12-and-under, 165.

6th — Mya Kretzer, 14-and-under, 115.

Also competing were Conner Roff and Taryn Norstrom.

This upcoming Sunday, MAC will be hosting a USA Kansas Girls Championships event at Central Christian College. Those interested in helping are asked to contact Lance or Lennie Engel at 241-5679.