C-G's Savage leaving for Goodland

By Steve Sell
March 27, 2015

CANTON — Jeff Savage, who recently resigned his football coaching position at Canton-Galva High School, has been named as head coach at Goodland High School.

Savage spent three years at Canton-Galva, where his 8-man teams went 3-6, 5-4 and 5-4 for an overall record of 13-14.

“It was difficult to leave this year with many kids coming back that have played two to three years, but I wanted to move on to 11-man to complete my career,” Savage said. “This season could be special for C-G if the injuries stay away.”

Savage, who will serve out his job as the Eagles’ track and field coach, leaves the C-G program better than when he arrived.

“Canton-Galva is a great school, I just had a desire to get back to 11-man football,” he said. “My first year was a very difficult situation. They had won just two games in two years and when I showed up for summer conditioning, I did not see a senior and our strongest hang clean was 135 pounds. On top of that our district was the toughest in the state and several teams had huge numbers in the upper grades. We played several young players and battled several teams at least until half. Things looked promising the second year until we starting losing several key players to injury or players moving.”

Savage, who had enjoyed great success at Central of Burden where his teams put up dizzying offensive numbers, brought a high-powered spread offense to Canton-Galva. While the Eagles never made the playoffs, they were competitive with most teams they played because of their ability to score.

Savage, a one-time assistant coach at NAIA national football power Carroll College in Montana, is inheriting a similar situation at Goodland as what he started with at C-G.

“Goodland won just three games last season and is losing a quarterback that had a majority of the offense,” Savage said. “It has been 10 years since Goodland has had a good playoff run. It will be a challenge, but I'm looking forward to it. I will miss the kids at Canton-Galva.”