Central Christian College new dorm Special Use approved by City Commission Monday

By Nick Gosnell
March 30, 2015

The McPherson City Commission approved a resolution on Monday to allow for the construction of a new 200 bed residence hall south of Avenue D and between Maple and Walnut Streets. The resolution was approved with three conditions.

1. A site plan for the entire block, done to the standards required in the zoning regulations, shall be prepared and approved by the Planning Commission prior to issuance of a zoning permit for the use.

2. In accordance with the site plan regulations, the site plan shall include a landscaping plan which shall also include screening if deemed appropriate.

3. If the Zoning Administrator subsequently finds that there is a violation of any of the conditions attached to the approval of this Special Use, the Zoning Administrator may, in addition to enforcing the other remedies available in the Zoning Regulations, declare that the Zoning Permit/Occupancy Certificate issued for the Special Use is null and void.

The resolution passed unanimously.

Central Christian College President Hal Hoxie explained that the goal of the new dorm building is to get all students housed on the west side of Main Street.

Right now, there are two dorms with 160 beds on the east side of Main. The goal with the new construction is to be able to repurpose those buildings and keep students from having to cross Main multiple times in a day.

If fundraising and construction are able to happen quickly, the goal would be to get students all on the West side of Main by Fall or Winter of 2016.