McPherson Hospital CEO reports to County Commission

By Nick Gosnell
March 30, 2015

McPherson Hospital CEO Rob Monical gave a report at Monday's County Commission meeting on the progress the hospital is making since the passage of a countywide sales tax in November.

Monical highlighted the work being done at the new Urgent Care clinic. He said, "It's located up at 823 North Main, which is the old Dr. Prescott and Dr. Lichty Midlands clinic building. The hospital is leasing that building from Dr. Prescott. We're in a long-term lease. Currently, our Corporate Health services, which used to be located in our family medicine clinic with Dr. Herrera, is now located up there. So, Monday through Friday 8 to 5 is Corporate Health, and then 5 to 8 Monday through Friday is our Urgent Care, and also 9 to Noon on Saturday."

The numbers at the Urgent Care even surprised Monical. He said, "With the Urgent Care, we've seen roughly 225 patients a month for the first two months. You figure in a three hour clinic, six days a week, that's seeing quite a few patients. We're averaging just over twelve and a half patients a day."

The original pro forma for the clinic anticipated a caseload of about 4-5 patients a day to start.

Monical said, "We've doubled our pro forma in the first month, so, it's been very positive."

Quite a few of those patients are not local.

Monical said, "With all the work going on in town, with the refinery and Hospira and some of our other partners here in town, we're bringing in a lot of workers that don't have any local physicians or anything, so this gives them an avenue other than going to the emergency room, which has been very positive. My only regret to this point is that we didn't take it full time."

For those who are interested, Monical said that the cost of an urgent care visit is typically more than a visit to your primary care physician, but is less expensive than a visit to the ER.

There are some issues that must be dealt with in the ER, and the urgent care will refer those, when necessary. If that is necessary, you will only be charged for the eventual ER visit and not the Urgent Care referral.