McPherson PD stepping up traffic enforcement

By McPherson Police Department
April 03, 2015

The McPherson Police Department wants to make the community aware of additional targeted enforcement action in the City of McPherson. Over the next two weeks, MPD will be issuing tickets in speed zones specifically selected by citizen complaints and traffic study research from McPherson Public Works.

Beginning today, and throughout this specialized response, the Department’s Patrol Bureau will work overtime to address the identified issues. Patrol Bureau has already been at work to this end during shifts, but this action will allow for the most efficient response deemed necessary.

This action is the cooperative work of the Traffic Section Lieutenant and Patrol Bureau of MPD. To be clear, this response is necessitated by the high number of individuals who are not adhering to posted speed limits and the high number of complaints from the public. Consequently, MPD is taking additional steps to "protect the life, property and peace" of our community.