New Library Outreach Service Begins Operation at McPherson Public Library

By McPherson Public Library
April 06, 2015

People wanting to borrow materials from the McPherson Public Library know that it entails making a visit to the library, but this month the library is starting a new service which brings the library to patrons.  Book Express is designed for people living in McPherson who are unable to visit the library due to physical, medical, or driving limitations – either temporary or permanent in nature.

Patrons who are participants in this new service receive deliveries of books, magazines, DVDs, and music CDs on three week cycles.  Library staff select the materials, and a group of volunteers deliver them to Book Express participants.

“We are more than excited to bring this service to our community!” said Ann Anderson, Book Express coordinator.  “Book Express is a unique, personalized service that we hope brings hours of pleasure to patrons who can't otherwise utilize our library.”

For more information about Book Express, stop by the library,  call them at 245-2570, or email them at [email protected]