The Traffic Stop: Proper backing

By McPherson Police Department
April 07, 2015

The driver backing his or her vehicle is responsible to be sure not to interfere with traffic or cause a collision during the process. Around 25% of the collision reports taken by McPherson KS Police Department in 2014 were caused by drivers improperly backing. In McPherson, the fine for a backing violation is $60, plus $55 court cost.

Some good tips from the Kansas Driving Handbook:

*WALK AROUND your vehicle completely to be sure no one or nothing is in the way.

*CHECK your side and rear-view mirrors, but do not depend on them. Physically turn and look to the rear BEOFRE backing. ( ‪#‎CheckItBeforeYouWreckIt‬ )

*Back SLOWLY, and with special attention to your blind spots –areas which block your view. For example, the areas around rear passenger doors & immediately behind are blind spots for many.

*ALWAYS back into the lane NEAREST you –NOT across other traffic lanes.

If you have further questions about any topics covered in The Traffic Stop, call the McPherson Police Department's non-emergency number at (620) 245-1200.