MMS thinclads turn in top marks

By Steve Sell
April 09, 2015

HAYSVILLE — McPherson Middle School’s track and field team competed in its first scored meet on Tuesday at the Haysville Invitational, with the boys and girls both taking second place.

“Two things that stood out from this meet. We had multiple adults come up to our coaches telling us how respectful and well behaved our track athletes were,” MMS coach TJ Jackson said. “That speaks a lot for our community, and the second part was the amount of support and encouragement that the athletes gave to one another. So many times the team aspect gets lost in track, but these kids cheered each other on, encouraged one another and did everything they could for their team. Our kids also cleaned the entire infield of the stadium to assist with clean up. I can't speak highly enough of our kids.”


8th Boys 1600 medley: 1st Place 4:28 (Gabe Hoover, Kyler Hoppes, Aren Trost, Talyn Huff)

7th Girls 4x200: 2nd Place 2:09.96 (Natalie Hedlund, Avery Howard, Laynee Schroder, Andrea Sweat)

7th Boys 100: 5th place 13.82 Cupertino Banuelos

8th Girls 800: 2nd Place hannah Dossett 2:53.71 5th Place Savannah Brooks 3:09.18

8th 100 Hurdles: Michaela Brooks 3rd Place 18.33 Meghan Smith 4th Place 19.53 MaryAnn Wurm 5th Place 19.62

7th Girls 400: Natalie Hedlund 4th Place 1:13.46 

7th Girls 100 Hurdles: Avery Howard 4th Place 20.51

8th Girls 400: MaryAnn Wurm 2nd Place 1:07.61 Edith Garcia 4th Place 1:14.95

8th Girls 1600 Medley: 3rd Place 5:09, (Katie Bahr, Hannah Dossett, Megan Manning, J'anae Spaich)

8th Boys 4x100: 2nd Place 50.62, (Talyn Huff, Jace Kinnamon, Malik Lawrence, Elijah Muehler)

7th Boys Long Jump: William Powers 5th 13' 10"

7th Boys 800: Tyson Gottwald 4th 2:45.19

7th Girls 800:Claire Hedlund 4th 3:19.4

8th Boys 800: Gabe Hoover 4th 2:36

8th Boys 200: Malik Lawrence 1st 26.31

7th Girls High Jump: Andrea Sweat 4th ' 2.25"

8th Girls 3200: Katie Bahr 1st Place 14:49, Hannas Dossett 2nd 15:35

8th Girls 4x100: New School Record 1st Place 53.04/old record was 53.1, (Jordan Bailey, Brooke Miller, J'anae Spaich, Chelsea Stoppel)

8th Boys 400: Kyler Hoppes 3rd 59.9, Ben Hopkins 1:00.92

7th Boys High Jump: Sam Pyle 5th Place 4' 2"

8th Boys 4x200: 2nd place 1:50.37, (Ben Hopkins, Malik Lawrence, Elijah Mueller, Gage Shook)

8th Girls 1600:MaryAnn Wurm 2nd 6:19, Katie Bahr 3rd 6:46

7th Boys 800 Medley: 3rd Place 2:14, Tanner Cheatham, Landon Crews, Will Powers, Jacob Feil

7th Boys 1600: 2nd Landon Crews 6:01, 5th Dalton Wilson 7:12

7th Girls Long Jump: Nicole Winsky 1st 12' 9", Tabatha Slechta 2nd 12' 2.5"

8th Boys discuss: Dawson VanGoethem 127' 4" 1st place

8th Girls 4x400: 2nd 4:45.1, (Hannah Dossett, Meghan Smith, MaryAnn Wurm, J'anae Spaich)

8th Girls 4x200: 2nd 1:56.49 (Bailey Jordan, Brooke Miller, J'anae Spaich,Chelsea Stoppel)

8th Girls Discuss:Addie Fitzmorris 2nd 71' 6"

7th Girls 800 Medley: 2nd Place 2:22, (Corinne Henry, Isabelle Saenz, Andrea Sweat, Laynee Schroder)

8th Girls 100: Chelsea Stoppel 1st 12.84, Jordan Bailey 13.77 4th

8th Girls Shot: Megan Eisenbarth 31' 1" 2nd, Addie Fitzmorris 4th 28' 4.25"

7th Boys 100 Hurdles: Sam Pyle 4th 19.67

7th Boys shot: Cody Stufflebean 1st 36' 1" Isaac Rickman 5th 30' 10.25"

7th Girls 4x400: 3rd Place 5:38.2, (Natalie Hedlund, Kaya Lawrence, Andrea Sweat, Isabelle Saenz)

8th Girls High Jump: Morgan Jones 5th 3' 10", Brook Miller 4' 4" 1st,

8th Boys 1600: Gabe Hoover 1st 5:24

7th Boys 4x100: 55.46 2nd )Cupertino Banuelos, Jonah Clarke, Jacob Feil, Cody Stufflebean)

7th Boys Discuss: Cody Stufflebean 1st 97' 9", Riley Koehn 5th 70' 4"

8th Boys Shot: Dawson VanGoethem 3rd 36' 5.5"

8th Boys 100: Talyn Huff 2nd 12.72, Malik Lawrence 4th 12.94, Kyler Hoppes 3rd 12.86

8th Girls 200: Chelsea Stoppel 27.14 1st, Brook Miller 3rd 29.21, Jordan Bailey 4th 30.03

8th Boys High Jump: Kyler Hoppes 2nd 5', Dawson VanGoethem 3rd 4' 10.75, Simon Steinert 4th 4'10.5, Elijah Mueller 5th 4' 10.25"

8th Boys 100 Hurdles: Ben Hopkins 2nd 16.98

8th Girls 200 Hurdles: Meghan Smith 4th 35.8, Edith Garcia 5th 36.56

8th Boys Long Jump: Talyn Huff 1st 17' 5"

7th Girls 200: Laynee Schroder 2 30.33, Cassie Cooks 3rd 30.72

7th Girls Discuss: Cassie Cooks 5th 47' 1.5"

7th Boys 400: Tyson Gottwald 2nd 1:07.94

8th Boys 3200: Isaiah Moyer 3rd 14:48, Silas Stienert 4th 14:49, Kyler Chapman 5th 14:58

7th Girls 100: Heather Schimming 5th 15.54, Cassie Cooks 2nd 14.36, Corinne Henry 4th 15. 45

8th girls Long jump: Megan Manning 4th 11' 7"

MaryAnn Wurm also broke the 8th grade Triple jump record with a jump of 32' 3"