Defense for McPherson man seeks suppression of statements in murder case

By Staff Reports
April 14, 2015

Defense attorneys for a McPherson man accused of first degree murder are seeking suppression of statements he made to law enforcement.

Clinton W. Bascue, 31, from McPherson was arrested and charged in November 2014 with First Degree Murder in connection with the death of James Amery Croft, 39, originally from Portland, OR.  

Mr. Croft was found in a vehicle in a ditch in the 2100 block of Moccasin Road approximately .3 mile east of 21st Avenue north of Galva on November 15th, 2014.

According to an article posted online Tuesday by the McPherson Sentinel, Bascue's attorneys contend that Bascue was kept in a client-attorney meeting room from the time of his arrest until November 17th. This meeting room does not have the same amenities as regular jail cells. These amenities include a bed and access to phone lines to contact family or arrange bond payment. Sheriff Larry Powell testified on the morning of Nov. 17, he instructed jail personnel that Bascue be moved to a regular cell.

On November 19th, a KBI official again questioned Bascue regarding Croft's death. Bascue's attorneys listed statements from this interview specifically as needing to be suppressed. On November 21st, Bascue was charged with first-degree murder in the case.

Judge Richard B. Walker has yet to make a decision on the motion to suppress. A date for his decision has not been set.