Hospital website domain change could confuse, hospital clarifies

By Staff Reports
April 16, 2015

McPherson Hospital officials wish to inform the public of a situation involving their former website domain name. This domain was recently acquired by another party and could contain misleading information for those who inadvertently view that former website domain. They stress that this situation does not impact patient privacy or security in any way.

Last summer, the hospital allowed its former domain name of to expire, since three years previous, the hospital name had changed and its official web domain name was updated to It was believed sufficient time had passed to allow the former domain name to expire without causing confusion or issues.

Unknown to hospital administration, someone purchased their former domain name from an independent company last fall, and without their knowledge or consent, copied and posted images and pages from their current site and added links to products not approved by the hospital.

Currently, the former site is a blank screen, but the content could change based on the actions of the current domain registrant. The hospital has no input or authority over what is posted on the former domain.

Hospital officials have filed an identity theft report with local law enforcement and the FBI. They are also seeking resolution with the companies involved in selling and hosting the current domain. The public should be aware that the current official website address for McPherson Hospital is Questions or concerns may be directed to the hospital marketing department at 620.241.2251, extension 136.