The Traffic Stop: Operation of ATVs in McPherson

By McPherson Police Department
April 21, 2015

The loose meaning: It is unlawful for anyone to operate an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) on any interstate, federal, or state highway; or within the limits of the City of McPherson, including alleyways. This ordinance excludes those owned and operated by the City or County Weed Departments or the Kansas Department of Transportation. Also, no ATV may operate without lights at night (sunset to sunrise) –again, this would only apply to those ATVs authorized for use in town by the City of McPherson. Each year, as the weather warms this is an issue McPherson KS Police Department receives calls on more often. Typically, the calls are regarding juveniles in alleyways, but the law applies to everyone, at any age, on any roadway in town. In McPherson, this is a non-moving violation with a fine of $60, plus $75 court cost.