Chiefs should take an OL in first round

By Steve Sell
April 30, 2015

The Kansas City Chiefs have 10 picks in the NFL Draft that begins today and runs through Saturday.

If all 10 picks wind up sticking, the Chiefs probably have a problem.

Few teams ever have this many picks. Don’t be surprised if the Chiefs get creative and package a couple of picks together to try to move up at some point.

Of course, all eyes will be on their first selection at No. 18. There will be plenty of good players available, even though they’ll be in the middle of the road of the first round.

I believe Andy Reid has done a fabulous job in his two years as Chiefs coach and brought the excitement back to Arrowhead. He got them into the playoffs in his first year and coaxed nine wins out of last year’s team that had glaring deficiencies. This is a team that desperately needs to add depth as there’s a dramatic drop-off after the first-line players.

Much was made of the Chiefs not having a receiver with a touchdown catch last year, though tight end Travis Kelce turned into a legitimate red-zone threat. The fans’ proverbial whipping post, Dwayne Bowe, finally has been jettisoned out of town after teasing followers for years with his potential, though he actually was known more for his problems off the field than his production on it. In reality, Bowe had one huge year and a number of pedestrian ones.

Fortunately, the Chiefs moved to shore up their receiving woes with the signing of Jeremy Maclin, the former Missouri Tiger who had some big years with Philadelphia. He’s an injury risk, unlike the durable Bowe, but a definite upgrade if he stays healthy.

The Chiefs probably should use their first pick for the offensive line. They lost mainstay center Rodney Hudson to over-paying Oakland and the remainder of the lot does not feature the physicality a running team like the Chiefs needs. I’ll be shocked if they don’t pick an O-lineman in Round 1 or 2.

The next area of concern is the secondary. Eric Berry’s future is in doubt and the rest of the D-backs are average at best. I’m not sure Chiefs fans can stomach another year of watching guys like Ron Parker and Marcus Cooper being turned to toast.

Linebacker is another need. Who knows if Derrick Johnson will be able to come back from his Achilles injury. Johnson was long in the tooth to begin with and there’s not many linebackers around his age. Don’t be surprised if Round 3 has a linebacker heading the Chiefs’ way.

Probably the most solid areas for the Chiefs are at quarterback and running back. Alex Smith doesn’t miss many starts and is a perfect West Coast Offense quarterback. Chase Daniel is adequate behind him. The Chiefs also have picked up the intriguing Terrelle Pryor for depth. The three-headed monster of Jamaal Charles, Knile Davis and Anthony Sherman is solid and I’d love to see more of DeAnthony Thomas, maybe five carries a game. He is a jet who needs more touches.

Kansas City certainly needs to stock its roster For Reid and GM John Dorsey, they’d probably like to find about seven players who can fill the ranks.