McPherson County Road and Bridge schedule announced

By McPherson County Public Works
May 05, 2015

McPherson County Public Works has announced its Road and Bridge schedule for the week beginning May 6th.

Bridge replacement work continues on Old Highway 81 (County Road 2043) between Comanche Road and Cimarron Road.

Stabilization work is taking place on Pawnee Road betweeen 8th Avenue and 22nd Avenue.

Overlay work is scheduled on Comanche Road between K-61 and 8th Avenue.

18th Avenue is closed for pipe replacement between Pueblo Road and Rainbow Road.

16th Avenue is closed for road construction between Moccasin Road and Mohawk Road.

County road crews will take Friday, May 8th off for All Schools Day.

Depending on the weather, the actual conditions encountered and requirements at each location could vary for the specific location each day.

The traveling public is encouraged to obey all traffic control devices and to use caution when traveling in the road construction areas listed. As a reminder, the Kansas Legislature doubled the fines for any traffic violation in a work or construction zone area. Roadway maintenance work has become the number one area for accidental death of any work area.