Nick Gosnell will be missed in McPherson

By Steve Sell
May 07, 2015

It’s going to be a bittersweet day around our radio station on Friday.

It’s the final day for our news and sports director Nick Gosnell, who is advancing up the corporate ladder as he’s accepted a job with WIBW-AM 580, the largest radio station in Kansas.

Nick’s voice will still be heard locally, however, as he’s expected to be handling the “Sports in a Minute” segment for WIBW, which airs on 96.7 KBBE every morning. Additional announcing duties could be added once he’s on the job, but for now he’s going to work behind the scenes as a producer. 

The move is going to allow him to spend more time with his family, which includes his wife and three young sons. It’s not been easy for Nick to be away from them so much in their formative years, as his job included more than 120 football, basketball, baseball and softball games from September to May. 

Nick, a graduate of MidAmerica Nazarene University in Olathe, came to McPherson in 2005 and was literally thrown into the fire. He admittedly wasn’t seasoned in football play-by-play, with his expertise being more on the basketball side.

But he made a seamless transition to football and soon he had the smoothness of his basketball broadcasts. He also learned to do baseball and softball play-by-play and had the ability to fill a lot of the “dead” spots associated with those games, as they don’t have near the pace of football and basketball.

Anyone who listened to McPherson High and McPherson College broadcasts the past 10 years knows the enthusiasm and passion Nick brought to the job. He was an unabashed Bullpup and Bulldog fan through and through. He even donned the “Pup Cut” to show his support for the boys basketball team as it’s their trademark. He received awards for his work, including the 2013 Kansas Basketball Coaches Association Broadcaster of the Year.

Nick’s contributions to the station went far beyond covering sports and news. He’s been the go-to guy for a number of the technical questions concerning the radio system and has been a rock when threatening weather looms, going on the air with detailed reports. There are a number of other duties Nick took on that the public doesn’t hear or see. In other words, he does the dirty work that nobody else wants to do.

Nick has been visible in the community not just through his broadcasting, but this year he took on the demanding task of being the All Schools Day Chairman. It’s something that’s worked on year-round, yet it never interfered with his job. His main task may be to find a way to keep the rain away on Friday, as the All Schools Day has never been rained out, at least as far as anyone can remember.

I’ve been around Nick for all 10 years, but a co-worker for just 2 1/2 after coming over after 33 years at The Sentinel. While competitors during that time, we had an understanding that we would help each other when we could. Once I arrived at the radio station, we drove thousands and thousands of miles going to games and never once did the bad weather stop us, though coming back from the Hyvee Shootout in 2013 was rather harrowing as I-70 turned into a sheet of ice.

Nick will no doubt fit right in and succeed at Topeka. He has a lot of technical knowhow and the people skills to be a great asset at WIBW. 

We’re going to miss Nick around here, as will the community, and I’ll miss those road trips for football and basketball. But I’m sure he’ll be a McPherson sports fan for life and the town will have a special place in his heart.