Traffic Stop: Driving Across Lawns and Sidewalks

By McPherson Police Department
May 12, 2015

The Traffic Stop —05/12/2015

Driving across lawns, sidewalks (STO #125 &KSA8-1348

Loose meaning: It is unlawful to drive on or across a lawn, sidewalk, yard, farmland, crops, fences, or property in any way which causes damage. Occasionally, we deal with reports of vehicles cutting corners or just driving through a yard. Sometimes, there are only tracks left behind, but more often much costlier damage occurs like deep ruts and broken irrigation systems —sometimes irreparably which means the homeowner must replace a portion or all of the watering system. Please, if you see this happening –report it. Thankfully, some homeowners have surveillance systems in place or watchful neighbors who can help officers in the investigation with details about suspects or vehicle information. 

In McPherson, driving across property is a non-moving violation with a fine amount of $60, plus $75 court costs. Bear in mind, these amounts do not include costs associated with a potential criminal damage charge or a judgment of restitution for damages.

The “Traffic Stop” appears on Tuesdays to address topics of traffic enforcement in the City of McPherson. The Traffic Section of Patrol Bureau organizes the “Traffic Stop” and welcomes suggestions on topics to address! Please PRIVATE MESSAGE McPherson KS Police Departmentyour traffic enforcement questions unrelated to the current topic. Call us if ANY question requires an immediate answer on our non-emergency line: (620)245-1200.