McPherson Code Enforcement - Property Responsibility

By Edye Leslie - Code Inspector
May 12, 2015


From the City of McPherson Code Enforcement Department

Spring is here! And what comes with Spring? Rain and warmer weather! And with rain we are charged with more responsibility to keep up and maintain our properties. Not just for the appearance but also for Health and Safety reasons. Below is a list of the most common Code Violations and a brief statement as to why the Code exists.

1. Tall weeds, grass and vegetation over Twelve Inches (12") in height.

a. Overgrown properties pose a health threat when the grass or vegetation is tall enough to harbor rats, insects, ferel animals, snakes or other rodents.

b. Do not forget to mow/cut all vegetation along the alley and behind your fence.

2. Nuisances: accumulation of items causing piles, unsightly appearance in comparison to neighboring properties.

a. Dead animals not removed within 24 hrs after death.

b. Any place, structure or substance which emits or causes offensive odors. ( This includes Dog and all pet feces removal.)

c. Refrigerators/Freezers outside with doors/lids hinged and intact are a safety hazard

d. Any obstruction on street, sidewalk, alley or public ground without a permit.

e. All stagnant ponds or pools of water attracting mosquitoes & other insects.

f. Brush and Tree limb piles which harbor vermin/insects and can become a fire hazard.

3. Inoperable Vehicles - Any vehicle which is not currently tagged or driveable condition.

a. Anywhere on property for more than 15 days unless in a garage.

4. Drainage way maintenance - Land owners of adjoining properties to a drainage way are responsible to maintaining the drainage way.

a. Keep all trash, debris ( Including mowed grass clippings) leaves, branches, brush, twigs, wood, metal, plastic or grass items, out of the drainage way.

b. Keep all grass, weeds and other vegetation mowed to of a height not more than 12" so as not to obstruct, impede or restrict surface water flow.

5. Storm Gutters - adjacent property owners are responsible for keeping storm gutters clear of debris, trash, leaves, grass clippings, erosion and dirt.

a. When mowing do not blow grass into the roadway it will end up clogging up the inlets that drain water from the roadway.

b. Do not blow or rake leaves into the storm gutters again it will clog the system.

6. Tree Trimming - Tree limbs must be maintained a minimum height of 16' above the streets (including alleys) and 9' above sidewalks.

a. Low hanging limbs over the street and alley damage utility and fire vehicles and can obstruct traffic signals and signs resulting in accidents and possible injury.

b. Low hanging limbs over the sidewalk impede pedestrian traffic and could cause harm to individuals whereas the property owner is liable for injuries.

7. Poly Carts - Are to be removed by 8:00 am the day after trash/recycle collection.

8. Garage Sale Signs - Are not to be attached to utility poles, and to be removed by 8:00 a.m. Monday after the sale.

9. Vendor Signs - (Advertisement: Construction contractor, hail repair, ect.) are not to be placed in the city right of ways. (The area between sidewalk and street).

10. R.V. Parking/Storage - RV's can be parked in your driveway up to a maximum of 15 days but as to not obstruct sidewalk pedestrian traffic.

a. RV's cannot be lived in other than in a RV camp or mobile home park and must be connected to water, sewer, and electrical pads designed for the RV.

b. RV's stored on private property must be stored behind the front of the house or 25' from the street in the front. Properties on corners have two front yards which are adjacent to the street, so this restriction is on both sides.

I would like to encourage citizens of this community to be proactive and assist in identifying these violations. And most of all if you have a neighbor, relative, coworker, or friend that is elderly, disabled, sick or just not able to take care of the violations, help them and show them what a real caring community is all about. By helping others you help yourself be proud.

Any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me anytime!

Edye Leslie

Sanitarian / Code Inspector

[email protected]