McPherson public works trying to keep up with potholes

By Chris Swick
June 02, 2015

Potholes are an annoyance many drivers face as they drive around city streets.

McPherson City Public Works Director Jeff Woodward shares those concerns and wants residents to know his department is attempting to address the issue.

“Our needs are increasing, and we're getting more complaints due to the amount of rain that we had recently and the amount of pavement we have in poor condition,” Woodward said during Monday's McPherson City Commission meeting. “We respond to the reports we receive on potholes. Our goal is to respond a pothole filled within 24 hours of receiving a complaint.”

Public works employees also drive the city streets trying to find potholes before they are called into the department. To date, the department has used 21.9 tons of patch material, compared to 31.8 tons in 2014.

The cost per ton for patch material is id="mce_marker"25 per ton, plus labor and equipment.

Woodward does caution that pothole patching is a temporary fix. The length of the fix depends on a number of factors, the primary of which is the weather.

“More permanent fixes are made by street reconstruction, hot mix patching or concrete patching,” Woodward said. “We try to minimize the extent on these streets that are going to be mill and overlay or reconstructed.”