Sunday sales of beer mulled at Turkey Creek

By Chris Swick
June 03, 2015

Sunday sales of beer could be coming to Turkey Creek Golf Course.

McPherson City Commissioners discussed the possibility during a study session Monday with Director of Public Lands and Facilities Wayne Burns, who said state statutes allow Sunday sales if not less than 30 percent of annual sales and receipts are from sales and consumption of food, soft drinks, Gatorade and snacks.

“As you can see by the numbers that I provided, we do exceed the 30 percent sales on concession items at the golf course,” Burns said.

Commissioner Bob Moore was supportive of the idea.

“If it will help bring another tournament or two in and help create more revenue where we're struggling out there trying to make that cash flow,” Moore said, “I will stand behind sales on Sunday.”

It was decided to have city attorney Jeff Houston look into what would be needed on the city's end to allow the golf course to offer Sunday beer sales.