Keep an eye on pets during summer heat

By Chris Swick
June 03, 2015

With the temperatures forecasted to be around 90 degrees the next few days, the concerns over outside pets in the heat are growing.

Animals spending the entire day outside have some special needs. Susan Nelson, a doctor of veterinary medicine and an associate professor at the Kansas State University Pet Health Center, says one of the critical needs is access to shade so they can get out of the sun.

“If they are in a dog house in a run,” Nelson said, “you can put a tarp over the top of the run so they can get some shade that way.”

Another tip to help pets survive being outdoors during the summer months is to refresh their water at least once a day.

“Not only making sure they have fresh water, but making sure that they have water in the bowl, that it's not evaporating out,” Nelson said. “They're going to go through water more quickly than they would in the winter.

Food will also spoil more quickly in the summer than in the winter, according to Nelson.