McPherson County named in state disaster declaration

By Chris Swick
June 04, 2015

May's severe weather has prompted Kansas Governor Sam Brownback to sign a disaster declaration for several counties, including McPherson.

The declaration covers severe weather events that occurred between May 4-10, May 15-17 and May 20-29.

This includes the flooding that effected the Marquette area.

"They had at least two culverts that had issues and one low-water bridge that will need repair," Darren Frazier, McPherson County Director of Emergency Management, said. "We've encouraged them to do remediation repair, which would help avoid the flooding side of that the next time. We've also been in contact with one of the City of Marquette officials and they are working on eliminating the flooding that occurred, especially on the new part of the city."

The declaration will help the county access funds to repair government infrastructure, such as roads, bridges and government buildings.

Public assistance will be made available only if McPherson County qualifies for a Federal disaster declaration. Emergency management personnel are working to prepare a presentation to federal officials about including the county on such a list. That entails reaching out to township and county public works officials and receiving estimates on cost and scope of work.

A conference call with those federal officials is planned for Tuesday.

"At that point, we're hoping to have a good chunk of estimates and quotes within that region coordinated through the state to see if we're at that level to push it on up to the federal side of it," Frazier said.

Questions or comments should be directed to McPherson County Emergency Management at 245-1200.