State House, Senate work towards budget compromise

By Chris Swick
June 04, 2015

The Kansas Legislature continues to try and work towards a solution to the gridlock over the state budget as a deadline of Saturday night looms to prevent govnerment furloughs.

Seventy-Fourth District Representative Don Schroeder says the gridlock has stemmed from a variety of viewpoints.

“Obviously, there are many different ideas about what to do and more than just a few ideas on how to solve this,” Schroeder said. “Even more, getting a consensus in either the House or the Senate to fix this seems unlikely. What may be possible to pass in the House, may not be possible to pass in the Senate and vice versa.”

Meanwhile, A panel of state lawmakers is crafting measures to balance the state’s budget. Six legislators from both chambers meet for the first time after a Senate vote authorizes a conference committee to negotiate tax plans.

House Republican Marvin Kleeb says the group will use Governor Brownback’s proposal as a guideline.

“It's a step-by-step process,” Kleeb said. “The best place to start is something that's real close to where the governor has indicated that he would support and not veto. That's really where we should begin and we'll see what the members of the House think.”

The Republican governor says he’ll veto any bill which includes a hike to business income taxes. A group of GOP lawmakers say they won’t support any plan without such taxes.