McPherson city commision votes to lower speed limits on Maxwell

By Chris Swick
June 09, 2015

The speed limits in two areas on Maxwell street will be lowering after action Monday by the McPherson city commission.

City public works director Jeff Woodward said that the McPherson Police Department requested the speed limit be changed on Maxwell from Avenue A to Turkey Creek Road from 45 to 35 miles per hour...

“The police department had requested through Bluestem [Road] lowered to be from 45 to 35,” Woodward said. “If we're going to change it, I think it needs to be 35 at where they come out of [Turkey Creek Golf Course].”

The other area that will be changed is North Maxwell Street. The approved change will move the start of the 45 miles per hour speed limit from Hulse Street to just past Hawthorne.

“This would lower the speed limit to 35 miles per hour through the residential section,” Woodward said.

The commission approved the change on a 3-0 vote.