CDBG meeting prompts positive response

By Chris Swick
June 09, 2015

A recent public meeting in relation to the CDBG Housing Grant drew in a good crowd who brought forth a few good ideas for potential properties to be included in the possible grant.

McPherson City Administrator Nick Gregory told the city commission Monday morning that

about 50 people attended the meeting to discuss the grant and, out of that, about 20 properties were presented to Gregory for possible inclusion.

“Our main focus is going to be rental rehab,” Gregory said. “We're also going to look at, potentially, depending on where the target zone is, which would only be a maximum of 250 homes, some owner-occupied and removals. But the majority that we will look at is rental rehabs.”

The grant is slated to provide $300,000 annually, if McPherson is accepted. Gregory told the commission he hopes to have a more set list of properties to include on a map to be distributed in the next two or three weeks.

“There's up to $25,000 per residence that the grant will actually fund,” Gregory said.

Gregory said the city's goal is to apply for the grant for the next three to four years.