Proposed spending cuts could threaten school budgets

By Chris Swick
June 10, 2015

Spending cuts outlined Monday by Govenor Sam Brownback's budget director would leave McPherson USD 418 short over 700 thousand dollars.

That according to Kansas Association of School Boards lobbyist Mark Tallman in response to comments made by Budget Director Shawn Sullivan Monday. Sullivan said that, if lawmakers don't pass a bill increase taxes, Brownback will most likely seek an across-the-board cut of 6.2 percent.

For McPherson schools, that would total a loss of $776,086. Smoky Valley would lose $424,000, Inman $96,000, Canton-Galva $86,000 and Moundridge $74,000. Little River would see a cut of nearly $46,000, while Hesston would drop $366,000.

The K-A-S-B forsees Kansas public schools losing $97 million dollars total in state aid.