It keeps getting worse for KU football

By Steve Sell
June 10, 2015

Maybe the Kansas Jayhawks should apply to the NCAA for a team medical redshirt so they can sit out the 2015 football season.

This is going to be ugly. Historically ugly. New Jayhawk coach David Beaty, who has been put in an unenviable position by past coaches’ inadequacies, had better hope that Art Briles at Baylor, Bob Stoops at Oklahoma and Bill Snyder at Kansas State are compassionate men. Giving up a hundy is not out of the realm of possibility, it’s that bad.

The Jayhawks were woeful to begin with. Then in their spring game, starting quarterback Michael Cummings suffered a knee injury even though he wasn’t supposed to be touched and could be out for the season.

Now comes word that expected top rusher Corey Avery and expected top receiver Rodriguez Coleman have been expelled from the team. Adding insult to injury, veteran fifth-year linebacker Jake Love has decided to give up football because of health reasons.

Just how much worse can this get? Beaty oozes with enthusiasm and optimism, and early recruiting returns for 2016 at least give off a whiff of improvement. But that won’t help the team during its 0-12 2015 season.

This program has been decimated by the incredibly bad hires of Turner Gill and Charlie Weis, who combined to set it back 10 years. Gill simply was in over his head while Weis’ ego and reliance on questionable junior college transfers continued the reeling that Gill started. His time at KU only reinforced the belief that New England quarterback Tom Brady him millions, as everybody saw Weis as the guru who made Brady an All-Pro, which now looks farcical.

Of course, Kansas fans still have basketball to look forward to as KU will again be the team to beat in the Big 12 after a late influx of big-time recruits. Iowa State, even with coach Fred Hoiberg going to the NBA’s Chicago Bulls, are going to give the Jayhawks their biggest push in a long time as many believe they could be a Top 10 or even a Top 5 team if healthy.