Three resign from McPherson City Planning Commission

By Chris Swick
June 11, 2015

The McPherson City Planning Commission has three slots to fill following last week's monthly meeting.

Community Development and Zoning Director Tom Stinemetze said that the board received resignations from members Michelle Pyle, Donna Lehner and Duane Kleinsorge.

“The two people that are our chair and our vice chair [Lehner and Kleinsorge] have been with us for about 20 years,” Stinemetze said.”They're both saying 'that's enough, I need to go somewhere and do something else.'”

Pyle indicated to Lehner that she is resigning her spot on the board to devote more time to starting up her new business.

The election of officers for the year was deferred after the announcements to allow time for the board to consider their options in light of the resignations.