Rainy weather hampers mosquito control

By Chris Swick
June 16, 2015

The continued heavy rains over McPherson County have left a fertile breeding ground for Mosquitoes.

The City of McPherson is spraying as often as they can, but Director of Public Lands and Facilities Wayne Burns says the weather forecast isn't being favorable to putting together a regular schedule.

“Whenever we have moisture, it creates more fertile grounds for breeding,” Burns said. “Once we have a dry spell, we'll spray again.”

In the meantime, Burns asks for the public's help in keeping the mosquito population down.

“All we ask people to do is be preventive,” Burns said. “Do preventive treatments to their yards. Take precautions to their own yards and their neighbor's yards and their own neighborhoods.”

McPherson remains one of the few communities in central Kansas that does spray for mosquitoes.