Complaints over Barnstormers drainage prompt study session

By Chris Swick
June 16, 2015

Flooding concerns in the Barnstormers addition of McPherson was discussed during a Monday study session by the McPherson City Commission.

Karen Jonas lives in the 400 block of Curtis Drive and came before the commission during the public input session of Monday's meeting with concerns over the sudden influx of water on her property.

“We used to have a ditch that ran next to our home that would collect the water,” Jonas said. “Since they started building the apartments and the homes, they filled in that ditch and we are getting horrible, horrible flooding.”

Jonas equated her yard to a swamp after the constant rains that have plagued the central Kansas area.

The commission discussed the issue in a study session after the regular meeting, where it was revealed that the contractor was supposed to have left as swale to manage the water runoff in place of the ditch. That is being planned for this month sometime, when he returns to put in the parking lots for the apartment complex.

In the meantime, to help knock down the mosquito issue that has arisen in the wake of the accumulated rain, McPherson Mayor Tom Brown suggested dropping repellant briquets into the standing water. More permanent fixes are on hold until the rains slow.

“If it keeps raining like this, we're going to have a hard time getting in there and working,” Brown said.