Ninth District Court accepting judge nominees

By Chris Swick
June 17, 2015

The Ninth Judicial District Nominating Commission is seeking candidates to fill a judge vacancy created by the upcoming retirement of Chief Judge Richard B. Walker.

To that end, the nominating commission is holding interviews for nominees July 28 at 9 a-m at the Harvey County Courthouse in Newton.That meeting will be open to the public.

Kansas law requires the commission submit at between two and three names to the governor for consideration.

Nominees can either apply or be recommended, but recommendations must come on a nomination form and include the nominees signature.

“Selecting judges is an open process to find the most qualified candidates in the district,” Justice Carol A. Beier, the Supreme Court departmental justice responsible for the 9th judicial district, said. “If a community member knows someone ideally suited for the job, he or she should encourage that person to apply, or volunteer to recommend him or her.”

Nomination forms may be picked up at the district court offices in Harvey and McPherson Counties. Nominations are due by noon on July 14.

Judges, by Kansas law, must be at least 30 years old, have actively practiced law at least five years and be admitted to practice law in the state.

The Ninth Judicial District is made up of Harvey and McPherson Counties. The 9th Judicial District Nominating Commission consists of Beier as the nonvoting chair; William E. Gusenius, Lindsborg; Ronnie L. Krehbiel, Burrton; Thomas A. Adrian, John S. Robb and George Rogers of Newton; and Michael L. Androes, Harris G. Terry and Robert W. Wise of McPherson.