McPherson city commission mulls no parking zone in Lakeside Park

By Chris Swick
June 18, 2015
McPherson CVB

Changes could be coming to the way you park your car at Lakeside Park.

The McPherson City Commission met with Public Lands and Facilities Director Wayne Burns this week about possibly implementing a No Parking zone on Euclid Street in Lakeside Park from the bridge to West Lakeside Drive.

The issue, according to burns, is that parents waiting to pick up their children from Washington Elementary School are tearing up the ground in that stretch. The commission hesitated on flat banning parking at that location, as that would eliminate about 20 parking spots.

Instead, laying down milling was offered as a temporary solution, though McPherson Mayor Tom Brown would like to see something more permanent.

“If we put [milling] in right now to solve the immediate problem, and they drive on it for a year if we want to pave that, it will just be a base that's better than now,” Brown said.

Brown would like to see parallel parking instituted there, but noted they have time to study the issue further.

“Let's see what it would take to establish, from the bridge to Lakeside, a length of parallel parking there,” Brown said. “We've got until August, so let's get some costs and figure out what we really want to do.”

The other concern raised over simply instituting no parking was that the cars would then be parking on Euclid, itself, while waiting for their children.

The issue will be revisited at a later date.