Former SVMS counselor seeking clemency

By Chris Swick
June 18, 2015

A former counselor at Smoky Valley Middle School facing nearly 14 years in prison for the rape of a student is asking for a pardon from Governor Sam Brownback.

According to a legal notice published June 10 in the Salina Journal, Brooke Dinkel, 34, has applied for executive clemency which, if granted, would effectively free her from prison. Dinkel was sentenced in December 2014 to 165 months after a jury found her guilty of two counts of rape.

She will also be subject to lifetime post-release supervision.

Chances of being granted a pardon are slim, as Brownback has yet to grant clemency during his time in office.

The case is being taken up by the Kansas Prisoner Review Board, with comments accepted until June 25, though that cutoff is a little fluid to allow for postal delays.

Dinkel maintains that the teenager forced himself on her during their first encounter in December 2012, though she could not explain subsequent encounters, which included lavishing the boy with gifts and sneaking him out of his house to pursue a sexual relationship.