Marion Resevoir under blue-green algae warning

By Chris Swick
June 19, 2015

Marion Resevoir remains under a blue-green algae warning.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment released an updated listing of state lakes currently plagued by the toxic blooms Thursday afternoon and Marion is among three lakes included. The other two are Chisholm Creek Park in Sedgwick County and Memorial Park in Barton County.

Due to the warning, direct contact with lake water in these three parks should be avoided if at all possible. The lake water is not safe for pets and livestock to drink out of, though fish can be eaten, as long as they are properly cleaned.

Lakes under a Warning are not closed. Marinas, lakeside businesses and park camping facilities are open for business. If swim beaches or lakes are closed, it will be specifically noted.

Drinking water and showers at parks are safe and not affected by algae blooms. Hands should also be washed with clean water after handling fish taken from an affected lake.

Kansans should be aware that blooms are unpredictable. They can develop rapidly and may float around the lake, requiring visitors to exercise their best judgment. If there is scum, a paint-like surface or the water is bright green, avoid contact and keep pets away. These are indications that a harmful bloom may be present.