McPherson County unemployment falls below state level

By Chris Swick
June 19, 2015

McPherson County came in below the state's unemployment rate for May, that according to the latest figures released Friday by the Kansas Department of Labor.

McPherson County reported an unemployment rate of 3.3 percent in May, compared to 4.4 percent for Kansas. That is up two-tenths of a percent from April and again from May 2014.

Statewide, Senior Labor Economist Tyler Tenbrink says preliminary estimates show Kansas lost 38 hundred jobs from April to May.

“Changing season factors led to a decline in student workers at the state universities,” Tenbrink said. “Also construction activity slowed, likely due to above-average rainfall during the month. Administrative and supports services, as well as food services, also contributed to the decline over the month.”

The 4.4 percent for May is down from 4.5 at this time last year.

McPherson's rate is also the lowest in the surrounding area. Rice County reported 4.1 percent, Reno 4.4, Harvey 4.2, Marion 4.0 and Saline 4.0 percent.

The lowest unemployment rate in Kansas was 2.4 percent in Hamilton County.