The Traffic Stop: Parades & Processions (STOs #119 & 120)

By MPD Officer Marla
June 24, 2015

Loose meaning: Excluding the military and police or fire departments, no procession or parade of people or vehicles shall occupy, march, or proceed along a highway until the Chief of Police is notified and has made provisions for a police escort, if deemed necessary. Also, it is illegal to drive between vehicles in a funeral (or other authorized) procession while they are in motion anywhere in McPherson.

Etiquette tip: A driver should pull the vehicle to the right side of the roadway when a procession is approaching from the front or rear and remain stationary at the side of the road until the procession has passed. McPherson KS Police Department typically escorts many funeral processions in town as requested by the local funeral homes. Occasionally because of calls for service, the funeral homes must make the trip to the cemetery without the benefit of an escort.

Regardless, please bear in mind the safety of all traffic and out of respect to the participants in their time of grief yield to the procession. In McPherson, driving through a procession will result in a $60 fine and $75 court costs.

Also, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle is a moving violation punishable by a $180 fine and $75 court cost.

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