McPherson County wheat harvest races to completion

By Chris Swick
June 25, 2015

The 2015 Kansas Wheat Harvest continues to race towards the finish line.

John Woodworth from Team Marketing Alliance in Moundridge says area farmers could be 80 percent done by the weekend.

“There are some places where the harvest will have a tail on it because there are some places that are still wet and muddy,” Woodworth said. “And that's going to be lower-quality wheat. The majority of the harvest, from probably Lindsborg south, should be any where from 60 to 80 percent cut by the end of Saturday.”

Woodworth did add that areas along Interstate 70 are just getting started.

Industry group Kansas Wheat is reporting that the harvest is just getting in full swing along the Interstate Highway 70 corridor, where the Abilene Mid-Kansas Coop Association location is reporting a 30 percent harvested rate.

“Which is kind of a natural progression,” Woodworth said. “But from McPherson south, I think you're going to see a lot of wheat get cut [Thursday, Friday and Saturday].”

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