Sales of fireworks to begin in McPherson County

By Chris Swick
June 26, 2015

The Fourth of July is a week away, which means that fireworks stands in certain parts of the county will be open for business starting this weekend.

That isn't the case in McPherson, where city ordinance prevents both the sale and discharge of fireworks until July 2-4. On July 2 and 3, the sales and firing of fireworks is permitted from 10 a.m. And 10:30 p.m., with a midnight cut-off on July 4.

“We're allowing [vendors] to sell fireworks as long as the time amounts that we can actually shoot them,” McPherson Assistant Fire Chief Rick Unruh said.

Certain types of fireworks are illegal in the city, including bottle rockets, sky lanterns and metal sparklers. Bamboo sparklers have been ruled OK for purchase.

The precautions and various safety warnings seem to have taken hold with the citizens of McPherson, as injuries were minimal in 2014.

“Last year I checked when we got done with fireworks,” Unruh said. “I don't think we had anybody go to the ER for fireworks. If we did have any fire accidents, we might have had one or two.”

An informational pamphlet explaining the city fireworks ordinance and some safety measures you can take to minimize potential injury during the holiday season is available at the fire department.

As for the rest of McPherson County, cities will allow the purchase of fireworks as soon as this weekend.

Inman, Canton and Moundridge all allow for the sale of fireworks beginning June 27 through July 4. Canton prohibits the actual discharging of fireworks, however, until July 3-5.

In Moundridge, you can shoot off fireworks July 2-5. Inman allows fireworks to be discharged between July 1-5.

In Lindsborg, you cannot sell fireworks, but it is okay to shoot them off on July 4 between 8 a.m. and midnight.

For more details about your city's individual fireworks ordinances, contact your respective city office.