The Traffic Stop: Obstructing License Plates & Tail Lamps

By MPD Officer Marla
June 30, 2015

Obstructing License Plates & Tail Lamps (STOs #126.1 &147 and KSAs Supp. 8-15,110 & 8-1706 (

Loose meaning: A license plate may not be displayed in a way which affects its visibility or the reflectivity. Also, the plate must be lit with a white lamp which makes it visible from a distance of 50 feet anytime the headlights are on.

All the information on the plate, including state of issue, expiration, and number must be visible, not obscured by a plate frame or cover, or another object -mud or debris, for example.

In McPherson, an obstructed or unlit tag is a non-moving violation and may result in a fine amount of $30 with $55 court costs.

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