MKC, CHS announce Canton terminal expansion

By Chris Swick
July 03, 2015

CANTON -- The new high-speed shuttle loading facility in Canton will be getting just a bit bigger.

MKC and CHS announced Thursday plans to expand the grain storage capacity at the new terminal, which was completed in November 2014.

“We recognize the need for more storage and speed for Kansas grain farmers at our Canton terminal,” Dave Christiansen, president and CEO, MKC, said. “To accommodate farmers’ needs for more storage in the area, we are expanding the storage capacity which will continue to expand the global reach for Kansas grain farmers and better meet the needs of growers.”

Currently, the facility can store 3 million bushels and the expansion will boost that to 7.5 million. To accommodate the increase, half of the bushels will be stroed in concrete jump form bins, with the other half in temporary ground storage piles.

Construction is expected to begin this month, with the expectation that it will be completed by May 2016.

“Expanding this facility is an important opportunity to add more value for Kansas farmers and the grain they raise,” Lynden Johnson, executive vice president, CHS Country Operations Division, said. “We’ve already seen that demonstrated since the original facility opened nearly a year ago. This partnership continues to be an excellent example of cooperatives working together to benefit producers by connecting them to the global marketplace.”

Since construction of the terminal was completed, MKC estimates more than 9 million bushels of grain have been shipped by rail.