Residential permits in McPherson up

By Chris Swick
July 07, 2015

Residential permits in the City of McPherson are up 131 percent over this time last year.

According to city Building Inspector Bret Reynolds, June saw 30 new home starts and 77 addition/remodel permits issued, with home maintenance projects up seven percent with 150 permits.

Additionally, new commercial permits in June held steady from last year at three new starts.

“Commercial additions and remodels were up 29 percent,” Reynolds said. “All permits were down 19 percent. A major reason for that was the number of roofing permits that we had last year compared to this year.”

Year to date, the city has issued 147 roofing permits, compared to 285 at this point in 2014.

For 2015, McPherson has seen construction costs jump up over this time in 2014. The City had $23,803,160 in costs through June, compared to $17,537,447 at this point last year. The biggest jump was in April, which climbed nearly 14 million dollars.

Overall, McPherson is lagging a little in total permits issued compared to 2014 by a little over 100, with 443 issued year-to-date.