ReUse It Center to be gifted milling for new parking lot

By Chris Swick
July 08, 2015

The ReUse It Center in McPherson is in the process of getting ready to move into what used to be the TG&Y department store at the intersection of Kansas Avenue and South 81-Bypass.

Towards that end, the organization has approached the City of McPherson about the possiblity of donating milling for the parking lot, a proposal that city commissioners discussed during a study session Monday. Commissioner Larry Weins said the requested 40 tons of milling would be used for part of the parking lot.

“We've got a big, old ramp there where the semis used to back in,” Weins said. “They want to fill that up and level that out so they can use the overhead doors. And they can't do that without filling that in.”

While commissioners were agreeable to the idea of donating the milling, the question of who would haul it to the location was left unanswered. City Public Works Director Jeff Woodward stated that his department would be unable to get to it until the fall.

“We are swamped right now,” Woodward said. “We have to get that patching done [on Kansas Avenue]. The contractor is coming in on the KLINK project the first of August. We've got a lot things going right now.”

The street department will be patching the pavement on Kansas Avenue from Maple Street out to state highway K-153. The estimated cost for that endeavor is $6,000.

Commissioners and City staff decided to talk to the ReUse It Center to find out how they want to proceed before making any final plans.