Prepare Kansas offers prep for Kansas weather disasters

By Chris Swick
July 10, 2015

The heavy rainfall this week's in southern Kansas serves as a reminder that weather in the Sunflower State can go from one extreme to the other sometimes from day to day.

McPherson County Extension Agent Jana McKinney reminds you that Prepare Kansas can help you be ready financially in case disaster strikes.

“We offered the program last year,” McKinney said. “It's kind of done on your own, just kind of a work at your own pace. It helps you just kind of get weather ready. It's kind of like having a smoke detector. Preparing for the unexpected makes sense.”

McKinney says the program is a weekly, online one offered on an annual basis in September to help make recovery easier. The activities do vary from year to year.

“So you can take the 2015 Prepare Kansas online challenge and learn how to plan ahead for Kansas Weather,” McKinney said.

McKinney says a link will be up on the McPherson County Extension website soon at McPherson dot KSU dot EDU and that questions can be directed to 241-1523.