McPherson County Fair kicks off

By Chris Swick
July 13, 2015

The McPherson County Fair kicked off this past weekend in Canton.

Events take a day off today and tomorrow, but fire back up Wednesday with the Co-Ed Ranch Rodeo at the Tom Miller Arena.

“And Thursday, July 16, all of the commercial buildings open up,” Mary Anne Musslewhite with the County Fair, said on KBBE's Friday Magazine. “You have your goat show, your dairy cattle show, the beef are entered. You have goats that are entered, which would be the meat goats. The junior rodeo is that evening at 7 p.m.”

She says events Friday kick off with breakfast at the Canton American Legion.

“Flowers will be entered, the commercial building will be opened, we'll have a dog show” Musslewhite said of Friday's events. “Sheep will be shown. We'll have a kids pedal tractor pull, which is a qualifier for the Kansas State Fair.”

A free Barbeque and water melon feed will lead into the CPRA Rodeo at Miller Arena Friday night.

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