City of McPherson to seek CDBG funds

By Chris Swick
July 14, 2015

The City of McPherson is looking for your input into possible residential areas in need of rehabilitation as they ready to apply for a grant from the State of Kansas.

Chuck Beth with the South Central Kansas Economic Development District, or SCKEDD, presented McPherson City Commissioners with the 2015 Community Development Block Grant during Monday's meeting. He said the CDBG grant has three main goals.

“The first is that the project removes or prevents slum and blight in rural communities,” Beth said. “The second one is that it eliminates an urgent need created by a disaster, or as I call it an act of God, where local funds are not available. And the third thing is that the project would benefit low-to-moderate income individuals.”

The city is seeking suggestions as they look to set up a development district in an area of town that hasn't already been a recipient of a CDBG grant in the last four years.

Should the City be successful in obtaining the grant, each home in the area of town targeted for rehabilitation can receive up to $25,000. For rental properties, landlords must commit 25 percent of the final cost. Beth stressed that this wasn't just a simple remodeling of the outside of a house.

“Pretty much, it involves anything such as roof replacement, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, window replacement, siding replacement, minor foundation repairs,” he said. “Pretty much anything that would be in a house.”

The deadline for the City of McPherson to apply to the state for the grant is at the end of August, though McPherson City Administrator Nick Gregory said they would like to have recommendations for possible target areas in for consideration in the next two to three weeks, as they have to hold a public hearing before they can send off for the grant.

The grants are for low-to-moderate income housing, and can either be done for rental properties or owner-occupied. For more information on the CDBG Grant, or to obtain an application form, contact Gregory at the City offices at 245-2535 or by email at [email protected]