The Traffic Stop: Pedestrian Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs

By MPD Officer Marla "Mo" Hawkinson
July 15, 2015

PUI (STO #74 and KSA 8-1543 (

Loose meaning: No one traveling on foot may walk on a roadway when under the influence of alcohol or any drug to a degree which makes the person a traffic hazard.

In the event you have forgotten to #DesignateBeforeYouCelebrate and must walk to avoid breaking the law, please use a sidewalk where one is available. Stay at the left edge of the roadway where a sidewalk is not available. Walk against traffic flow and outside the lane, on the yard or property side of the curb.

This is an issue where for the safety of everyone in the traffic flow, law enforcement cannot tolerate non-compliance and any pedestrians under the influence (PUI) will be taken into custody. I

n McPherson, being a PUI will result in a fine of $75 and $75 court costs.

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