McPherson Police: No reports of ATM skimmers

By Chris Swick
July 15, 2015

McPherson has, thus far, avoided any reports of ATM skimmers similar to that of both Salina and Wichita.

“When stories such as these come out, businesses that use ATM's start looking closely at their own machines,” McPherson Police Capt. Kevin McKean said.

Wichita Police announced Tuesday morning that they are investigating six known skimmers used at three Wichita banks July 4-9. Those targeted banks were Sunflower, Intrust and Fidelity Banks.

They believe the cases may be related to similar ones in Salina and Kansas City. The Salina skimmer incidents also occurred at two Sunflower Bank locations.

Salina police were able to recover one of the skimmers.

Skimmers are devices attached to ATMs where you swipe your card. A chip inside then records bank account information once the card is slid through the skimmer and into the ATM. Cameras have also been installed on the machines to capture customers inputting their PIN numbers.

Wichita police say, to protect yourself, look for color differences on the ATM. Also, a loose card reader and difficulty reading your card may be signs of a skimmer.