McPherson City Commission mulls zoning issue on Comprehensive Plan

By Chris Swick
July 21, 2015

The future of a section of southwest McPherson was the focus of the bulk of a McPherson City Commission study session Monday with Community Development Director Tom Stinemetze.

Stinemetze met with commissioners to continue ongoing discussions over the City's Comprehensive Plan, specifically future land usage.

While he noted that most areas are aligning with what they had already determined in past years, the section of southwestern McPherson between Locust and Kelly Streets to the east and west and Kansas Avenue and Euclid Street north and south are somewhat contentious.

Specifically, Stinemetze said that area is zoned for industrial use, despite a large number of residences...

“They're old,” Stinemetze said. “Some of them are in pretty poor condition, some are not. Some are owner-occupied, others are not. They're rental properties. But they're currently zoned I-2 heavy industrial. None of which would allow a single-family home or a two-family home or a multi-family home to be reconstructed [in the event of a disaster].”

Stinemetze conceded that the area was low-income housing, which the city didn't have an abundance of. Mayor Tom Brown, however, felt that the city may have trouble attracting future home building in the neighborhood, due to the estimated average cost of building a home.

“The aesthetics of that neighborhood, what's there is going to be very difficult to interest somebody in building a $170,000 home there,” Brown said. “And we all know that, probably in the next five years, you'll be lucky if you can build a $200,000 there.”

No action was taken during the session. The commission hopes to have the Comprehensive Plan completed by December, as Stinemetze is retiring at the end of the year.