The Traffic Stop: Transportation of Alcoholic Beverage

By MPD Officer Marla "Mo" Hawkinson
July 22, 2015

TOC (STO #106 and KSA 8-1599 (

Loose meaning: No one may transport any alcoholic beverages on a roadway unless:

-the beverage is in its original, unopened package or container, and the cap, cork, or lid hasn’t been removed;

-the beverage is in the locked rear trunk or rear compartment, or any locked outside compartment which is out of reach of the occupants while the car is in motion; or

-the beverage is in a bus or similar vehicle (i.e. “party bus”, limousine, etc.) in the hands of a passenger who is not in the driver’s compartment or a part of the vehicle within reach of the driver.

McPherson KS Police Departmentencourages residents to check vehicles for open containers if they’ve recently been loaned to or are being borrowed from someone else before traveling.

Also, bag and tie all recycling and choose non-alcoholic containers for “spit cups” to avoid mistakes and  confusion.

In McPherson, transporting an open container of alcoholic beverage (TOC) will result in a fine of $150 and $75 court costs.

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