Deadline today for CDBG pre-applications

By Chris Swick
July 24, 2015

A reminder to anyone wishing to submit a pre-application for the proposed Community Development Block Grant Housing Rehabilitation Program in McPherson: the deadline to do so is today at 5 p.m.

The program focuses on improving existing housing in the community, specifically for low-to-moderate income housing. Chuck Beth with the South Central Kansas Economic Development District stresses that the grant is for rehabilitation, not remodeling.

“Everyone thinks we're rehabing houses and they associate the word remodel,” Beth said. “We're not going to come in and repaint rooms. So if you've got orange flock wallpaper in there and green shag carpeting, and there's nothing really wrong with it, it stays. What this program does is extend 20 years of useful life to the home.”

In McPherson, a survey completed in 2014 showed that 65 percent of residential structures that could be potential targets for the $300,000 grant are rental properties. However, the City is also looking for owner-occupied homes, as well for rehabilitation.

McPherson City Administrator Nick Gregory says that they have already had over 20 applications turned in, with a mix of both rental and owner-occupied properties. He says that the properties will be chosen on a geographic basis, and the plan is to take the applications and scout possible target areas next week.

Each home may receive up to $25,000 per rehabilitation. Beth also said that a pre-application doesn't automatically mean you are accepted.

“The pre-application process isn't a binding process at all,” Beth said. “It's just a statement of interest from either landlords or owners. We want to make sure they're going to qualify. To make sure they don't say, 'Yeah, I'm interested,' and then, all of a sudden, they're making $150,000 a year or something.”

Gregory added that, if you don't get chosen for rehabilitation this year, the City does plan on applying for the grant for the next two to three years. If you would like more information, contact Gregory at 245-2535 or email him at [email protected]