City of McPherson discusses Plaza design

By Chris Swick
July 28, 2015

The City of McPherson knows they want to renovate the Downtown Plaza area. What they, along with McPherson Main Street, want that renovation to look like has been the source of a number of discussions.

The City has contracted out with Landworks Studio to come up with some design ideas for that space at Main and Marlin Streets and met with Kelly VanElders, the Director of Landscape Architecture for the company, Monday during a study session with McPherson City Commissioners.

McPherson Mayor Tom Brown said they were hoping to see a soft, landscaped area.

“I think we're looking for an area that is welcoming for employees downtown to take a lunch break or other break,” Brown said. “Something for families to come to.”

One thing that they commission was pretty adamant about was that the new design not include a fountain due to the maintenance costs associated with it.

Seating at the Plaza was also discussed, with Commissioner Larry Weins pointing out that wooden benches are susceptible to vandalism, though VanElders said that metal benches weren't optimal, either, due to the heat they conduct in the summer.

“Using stone to sit on is kind of what a lot of people are going to,” VanElders said. “That's everything from a free-standing limestone boulder to stone-covered caps on walls.”

VanElders was also slated to go over design ideas with representatives from McPherson Main Street Monday afternoon.